About Us

What makes us different?

Bringing Minecraft, Rust, ARK servers to everyone

Servers4All is run by motivated members of the hosting industry. We work to provide the highest quality servers to the table at the lowest possible price therefore making them available to everyone. We also have a strong passion to develop the community, by providing high quality products designed to make other host’s life easier and provide their customers with a better level of service.

All of our team have run highly successful servers and know the difference a host can make and what makes an amazing host. This is what drew us onto creating Servers4All we want to be the host you can rely on and the host who knows what you need!

  • Loyalty Rewards

    Our loyalty rewards system allows us to reward our loyal customer by returning 10p per every £1 for you to use on all future services!

  • No Oversell Guarantee

    We work to guarantee we do not oversell our servers, if we detect a server may have possibly been oversold then we will move any affected servers to a new server, free of charge. To support this we are fully open about our servers load and status, this can be seen at https://nodes.servers4all.co.uk

  • Hardware Upgrade Promise

    Why should new clients being the one getting fancy new hardware? All current clients will get our new hardware first during our hardware upgrades, you will of course have the choice of being moved when the time comes.

Our Team

William Rich

Founder | Tech Lead

Will is one of our founders and our tech lead. He works to ensure all the servers are up and running and perfoming to their best ability.

Callum Williams

Founder | Support Lead

Callum is another founder for Servers4All while also being our support lead! If you have anything you need he will work to help you!